Frequently Asked Questions

Please work with your Facilities representative to submit project requests through our project request form. 

  1. Submit Project Form to Student Life Facilities by November 1st.
  2. Project will be reviewed and scored by Student Life Facilities
  3. Facilities will meet with FPM, ITS and CCD annually to see if any projects are within their scope to consolidate
  4. Facility Manager will move forward if the project is not within an additional scope to Triage it for funding
  5. The triage grid will be reviewed by the Assistant Vice Provost of Student Life and the Vice President for Student Life for project approval and if needed
  6. Approved projects based on triage scores if needed, will be allocated funding by the Assistant Vice Provost of Student Life.
    1. Projects that are not approved will be deferred and the Department will be notified. Deferred projects are eligible for resubmission annually. A project NEEDS to be resubmitted by November 1st of each year if it would like to remain on the deferred list.
  7. Approved projects will be assigned a Project Manager, timeline, and budget that matches the approved scope.
    1. If a project is under $25,000 and there is no structural work it will done through Student Life Facilities pending approval of the Provost of Planning and Design. All projects over $25,000 or require structural work will need to engage USC’s Capital Construction Department (CCD) where a new project manager will be assigned to assist your facility representative.

USC Student Life takes a holistic approach to office space allocation across all departments based on the following framework in conjunction with the USC Policy on Space Planning.

{Insert space guidelines here}

Please submit a service request with the key number, building, suite and room number you would like to access. For card access or de-activation please email

You will only be able to access space in your direct department.

Furniture must be purchased from an approved furniture dealer through the procurement website. It is preferred that the furniture line/aesthetic remain the same as the existing space. Keeping continuity is ideal, any and all office furnishings should be done so in a common direction. This will keep the building look consistent, maintained and fresh.

Furniture Guidelines

All furniture is property of the USC Student Life. Before disposing, selling or sending any furniture to Surplus you MUST notify 

Someone will schedule a time to assess the furniture and offer it to other members of USC Student Life or the Office of the Provost.

If the furniture is not needed SL Facilities will coordinate pick-up with USC Surplus. If the furniture is in insufficient condition, we will schedule a time for it to be disposed.

Additional fees for disposal will apply.

A service request number is issued by USC Facilities Planning and Management. This number will track the day you submitted the project and the status of the project.

You may email to follow up on your ticket status.

All projects require an initial walk through by your Facility representative. Once a cost is determined you will received a quote. Once the quote is funded through an Internal Requisition your project will be scheduled for completion. 

Submit a Service Request

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Project Requests

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