Project Process:

  1. Submit Project Form to Student Life Facilities by November 1st.
  2. Project will be reviewed and scored by Student Life Facilities
  3. Facilities will meet with FPM, ITS and CCD annually to see if any projects are within their scope to consolidate
  4. Facility Manager will move forward if the project is not within an additional scope to triage it for funding
  5. The triage grid will be reviewed by the Assistant Vice Provost of Student Life and the Vice President for Student Life for project approval and if needed funding.
  6. Approved projects based on triage scores will be allocated funding by the Assistant Vice Provost of Student Life.
    1. Projects that are not approved will be deferred and the Department will be notified. Deferred projects are eligible for resubmission annually. A project NEEDS to be resubmitted by November 1st if it would like to remain on the deferred list.
  7.  Approved projects will be assigned a Project Manager, timeline, and budget that matches the approved scope.
    1. If a project is under $25,000 and there is no structural work it will done through Student Life Facilities pending approval of the Provost of Planning and Design.

Submit a Service Request

Submit a general service request (Custodial, Keys, Temperature Adjustments, Minor Repairs, Single Trade, Keys & Access)
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Project Requests

Submit a Project Request exceeding $10,000
Create request

Emergency Procedures

Quick Resources for Emergency Preparedness
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Tenant Improvements

Changes made to the interior of a space to accommodate the needs of a tenant such as floor and wall coverings, ceilings, partitions, air conditioning, fire protection, and security.


Accessible design or request to meet ADA requirements for access, space, or other accommodations.

Capital Project

The development, design, and construction for all tenant improvements, building renovations and major capital construction projects.

Major Maintenance

Expenditures made beyond the regular, normal upkeep of physical properties (i.e. Land, Buildings, and Equipment) for the repair or replacement of failed or failing building components as necessary to return a facility to its currently intended use, to prevent further damage, or to make it compliant with changes in laws, regulations, codes or standards.

Minor Tenant Improvement

Tenant improvements under $25,000 that do not require permits. This includes painting, furniture configuration, and millwork.

Safety & Code Compliance

Request pertaining to your facility’s above and below ceilings, smoke and fire barriers, shafts and life safety compliance.